How Many Lumens For Outdoor Projector? – Do Lumens Matter?

Outdoor projectors have become a great source of enjoyment. Planning a trip? What about driving in the camping and movie experience? You can watch movies, play games, and enjoy other events on projectors. So when choosing the projectors, especially the outdoor projectors, you need to focus on some aspects.

Outdoor projectors can be expensive, so instead of mentioning all the aspects, we will focus on the main fact that is brightness. Projectors are ranked based on brightness, and brightness is recorded in lumens. Do you know how many lumens for outdoor projectors can make it a perfect choice? Let’s explore!

How Many Lumens For Outdoor Movie Projector?

how many lumens for outdoor projector

Considering the fact that lumens are essential to determine whether an outdoor projector will be reliable or not, we have separated some key factors that would better emphasize how many lumens for outdoor projector works well.

Surrounding Light

No doubt if you have purchased a projector, it must have good brightness so you can enjoy it. Your outdoor space needs to have a surrounding light regardless of the day or night. Normally, the sun acts as ambient light, but at night, you still need a light ambient. 

During the night, street lights, moon, glow lights, and security lights can create a surrounding light effect that can compete with your projector. 

Screen Size

The presentation of the projector is greatly dependent on the projector screen size. The larger the outdoor projector screen, the more powerful and expensive the projector should be. 


The projector is also known for the quality of the image. But there are some hidden truths that will enhance the visual standards of the projector. You must use the projector below 100% brightness because the 100% projector brightness usually reduces the contrast and the quality of the image. 

So at 100% brightness, the projector will present the visual at a much lower brightness level than its actual capability. 

Gain Capacity

Gain is the measure of the light reflected from the projector screen. The maximum gain boosts the brightness at a certain level of viewing angle. So instead of questioning how many lumens for outdoor projector, you should go for a projector with the maximum gain. 

Recommendations By Experts

Here are the recommendations by the experts to help you choose your outdoor projector which is suitable for your screen: 

  • Many experts prefer 2500-3000 lumens for outdoor projectors, especially in daylight. However, more lumens are amazing for brighter days. A projector with over 5000 lumens is perfect for a giant screen or wall. 
  • If you want to watch movies in the dark, 500 to 800 lumens of brightness will suit your needs. 

How Many Lumens For Outdoor Projector? – Important Points

how many lumens for outdoor projector

If you wish to project the projector in the sun, it is better to have some sort of specific angle; however, you need to forget the sunlight for a better projection. Here, you need to have 120000 Lux of brightness for visibility in the sunlight. But no projector can project with such high brightness.

Here are the expert points about how many lumens for outdoor projector will work for you.

  • High Lumens for Outdoor Projector

For outdoor usage, the projectors need to have a high amount of lumens; the projectors must have 3000 or more lumens to project in the outdoor as many ambient lights can hinder the projection. Further, the projector with lumens from 500 to 1000 is better for the darkroom. 

Brightness is indeed the main factor but you should observe the contrast ratio as well.

  • With Daylight Projection, The Higher The Better

Pay special attention to projector lumens. You should begin from 3500 to 4000 lumens and afterward, go from that point to projection of your DVD or Blu-Ray plates of motion pictures or TV shows as well as live stream programs. It likewise works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, just to give some examples of web-based features. 

The higher the lumens the better the subsequent picture, particularly for 4K. Patio parties in the early evening or evening need around a 5500-lumen projector at any rate. In the early afternoon, it’s as yet unchanged arrangement, yet track down a shade to limit sun glare and so forth.

  • High-Resolution Projector Requirements

Did you realize that the greater the resolution of your projector, the higher its brilliance ought to be to try not to lose detail and feature the nature of the picture? Indeed, even in the darkness of a home venue with the draperies drawn and so forth, you need around 1000 lumens of splendor to see each and every pixel of an HD projector. 

It is what you need to know to satisfy the clear crystal guarantee of such gadgets, especially the Ultra HD 4K projectors. Now, we hope you got the answer of how many lumens for outdoor projector are enough for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many lumens for outdoor projector is good in daylight?

Above 3000 lumens are best for outdoor projectors. However, in most cases, many roles come into play such as the surrounding light factor and screen size. So the number of lumens varies with alteration in these aspects. However, anything above 3000 lumens is good for daytime outdoor projectors.

Q: What kind of projector do I need for outdoor movies?

The projector with high lumens of brightness along with good quality and gain capacity is good for outdoor projection. If you know how many lumens are good for outdoor projector, you can better decide which projector best suits your outdoor movies. You can check the brightness and other related stuff in a detailed projector buying guide. 

Q: How many lumens are enough for daytime projector?

When we say daytime projector, we actually want to use the projector during daylight. In most cases, we want to use the projector in our lawn or garden where there is direct sunlight. Thus, 3000 to 3500 lumens of brightness should be an ideal choice for a daytime projector. 

Bottom Line

There you have it, a detailed answer of how many lumens for outdoor projector. We know that you are having difficulty finding the right outdoor projector with a suitable amount of lumens for outdoor events and parties. Today, we tried to place the best strategy for you to decide which projector is best for outdoor activities.

The projector manufacturers are catering to many things to improve future technology and mold the gadgets in the best form, but many factors affect the overall appearance or presentation. Picking up a projector depending on lumens is yet another thing that helps in making the right choice of projector for daylight and dark.

Thanks for making it this far till the end. Understand the whole article and decide how many lumens are perfect for your required outdoor projector.

That’s all we got for you today. We’ll meet you with a new topic soon. Till Then, We Are Rank Projectors. Have a good day!

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