What Are Projector Headlights?

What are projector headlights? Because technology improves every day, we cannot rely on silly things; projector headlights are primarily observed in luxurious cars. They can use the high-intensity discharge and the light-emitting diode bulbs, which would be unsafe to use with daily use reflectors

The projector headlights are designed such that they can illuminate among the road surfaces with greater distance as compared to the traditional projectors for cars. The projector headlight produces a well-focused beam that casts directly where it is required. Today we will briefly describe the working and types of projector headlights to help you know what are projector headlights?

How Do Projector Headlights Work?

what are projector headlights? how do projector headlights work?

The working of a projector headlight is very similar to the bulb as you can replace the bulb whenever you want. The headlight projector further includes a reflector component, and that’s where it differs from the bulb. The projector headlight for cars is evenly manufactured to project a beam of light in an organized manner. The specially shaped reflector is used to fulfill the idea of focusing.

Components Of Projector Headlights

The projector headlights include the following four main components:

1. Shutter

The shutter is perhaps an essential component of the projector headlight, differentiating it from the classic reflector. This component is adjusted in the reflector, causing a perfect cutoff to mold the beam of light towards the road instead of blinding other drivers. In some vehicles, the shutter can be adjusted according to the requirements of the driver.

2. Reflector

The reflector is another main component included in the projector headlight for cars, just like the classic reflector headlights. The only difference is that the headlight projectors have an elliptical-shaped reflector, while the classic projector headlight has a parabolic-shaped reflector. The shape difference causes the beam of light emitting from the bulb to focus on a point that connects with the shutter. 

3. Bulb

The headlight projectors require a bulb as a light source. The bulb can be halogen, HID, or LED. However, another fascinating thing is that the bulb in the headlight projector is much brighter than the reflector headlights.

4. Lens

The last main component of projector headlights is the lens. It has a unique role in the projector’s headlight. The light which is focused using the reflector and the shutter of the lens distributes that light. 

Types Of Projector Headlights

What are projector headlights? Types of projector headlights.

Now that you understand what are projector headlights, let’s discuss their types. The basic designs of all the projector headlights for cars are the same; they only differ in bulbs. Following are the types of projector headlights which you should prefer on the road. You will also know what sets each projector headlight apart from the other. 

LED Projectors Headlight

LED projector headlight, the most recent and innovative type of projector headlight is more efficient than the halogen and HID projector headlight. These projector headlights have a greater lifespan than other types of projectors. If the LED projectors are not damaged, they can play a role in maintaining the vehicle’s operational lifespan in which they are installed. 

Halogen Projectors Headlight

These projectors are named halogen projectors headlights as they use halogen bulbs in their projectors. The halogens projectors project the beam of light more evenly than the reflector headlights. The sharper cutoff between the light and dark further makes these projectors’ headlights comprehensive. Although old halogen bulbs are used in these projectors, they still function well. 

HID Projectors Headlight

The HID projectors headlight is another type of projectors headlight which are used daily. These projector headlights include the HID bulbs and are also known as the Xenon HID headlights. The traditional halogen bulbs are dimmer than these HID bulbs. It would be best to never put the HID bulb into the halogen projector because of the increased brightness. This idea will always go against your expectations. 

Angel Eye Projectors Headlight

The particular type of projector, which includes a ring in the center that is not powered by the projector technology, is called the Angel Eye or Halo projector. These rings are created by utilizing technology such as fluorescent lighting (CCFL) tubes, incandescent bulbs, and LEDs. The Angel Eye projector headlight for cars and bikes is preferred nowadays due to its advanced technology.

Projector Headlight vs. Reflector Headlight?

What are projector headlights? Are Projector headlights better than reflector headlights? The only thing users wonder about while buying headlights is whether to purchase a projector headlight or reflector headlight because these are the two options primarily available. The current scenario is favoring projector headlights as more and more vehicles are buying projector headlights.

Check out the situations where projector headlights are better and where they are worse:


  • The projector headlights are brighter than the reflector headlights
  • Projector headlights do not cause night blindness, while reflector headlights can create a mess
  • The dark spots of projector headlights are lower than reflector headlights.
  • Projector headlights have more extraordinary even light patterns than reflector headlights


  • The cost of projector headlights is higher than the reflector headlight
  • Improper retrofitting in an old vehicle can cause problems.
  • The projector headlights can take more space

Based on these specs, you can decide which one to prefer, either projector headlight for cars or reflector headlight for cars, but to decide decently, you first need to know what are projector headlights? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do projectors headlights look like?

The projector headlights are similar to the reflector headlights. Both have a steel bowl for adjusting the bulb. However, the projector headlight has a lens that acts as a magnifying glass to increase the brightness of the projector headlight. This also assists in focusing the light towards the road. 

Q: Are projector headlights legal?

Yes, the projector headlights for cars are perfectly legal; however, the extra brightness can cause you to drive. But in most cases, the projector headlights are fitted in the factory to be comprehensively legal and worthy. 

Q: How do I know if I have projector headlights? 

The projector headlights are easy to identify due to their unique, simple, and modern design. Further, it includes a lens that acts as a magnifying glass and differentiates it from the reflector headlight. You can also differentiate among the headlights as reflector headlights have a steel bowl and open design, not found in projector headlights.


Providing all the details regarding the projectors and trying to cover all the aspects of what are projector headlights? Today, we have explained each and everything about projector and reflector headlights for cars. If you still find any issue regarding the projectors, ping us through the comment section our team is always there to help you out. Your detailed feedback will be worthy for us. 

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