6 Steps – How To Install Car Door Projector Lights?

Did you see a car door projector light and find it attractive to have one too? Have you ever admired a vehicle door projector light and wished you had one? A car door projector light is suitable if you’re seeking the finishing touch to make your vehicle distinctive, company-worthy, and just picture-perfect. 

But how to install car door projector lights?

We can assist you if you have finally purchased car door projector lights but need to learn how to install them. A car door light projector is a tool used to increase visibility in the vicinity of a car door. 

Before Your Buy Projector Lights

  • Check to see whether your car already has a built-in door light before purchasing car door lights.
  • Make careful to select a high-quality LED chip and high-definition projection lens before purchasing a projector light. It can project distinct patterns and maintain its brightness for a very long period. You can avoid having to replace door lights constantly.
  • When installing the automobile door lights, use suitable screwdrivers. The factory door step lights should be removed and disconnected using a flat-head screwdriver.
  • It is a universal door light drilled install. Your automobile will be harmed during installation. Install must be hardwired after drilling a hole in the inside cover of the automobile door.
  • Check and ensure the working of lights and the projection effect at the shop. If you’re purchasing online, check the reviews and questions of the people.
  • Before buying a light, make sure it fits with the model of your car.
  • Choose non-fading quartz films, which are incredibly brilliant and clear, if your image is in color but is black and white. However, you can use classic films if your image is in many colors.

Now, let’s see how to install car door projector lights in a few simple steps.

6 Steps – How To Install Car Door Projector Lights?

Installing vehicle projector lighting is ideal if you’re a car enthusiast or simply searching for a creative method to display your friends’ and family’s images or videos from your smartphone or laptop. If you find this task not a DIY one, then some shops provide the service of custom car door light logo projectors. 

They accept any creative suggestions you may have, whatever the car models. You may add a personalized logo to your design and create customized puddle lights any way you like. Choosing the ideal set of lights for your car might take time because so many variations are available. When you finally find your favorite light, here is how to install it.

Step 1. Set Up You Car For Installation

If your car has a projector, your manufacturer probably thought you required one. Additionally, they’ll have a solid justification for installing them. The old light has to be taken out next. The screws holding it in place may be unscrewed to do this.

Step 2. Decide The Location

Choose the location for the light projectors. The projectors are frequently mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard or each side of the windscreen. Projector light installation on automobile doors is a current trend in the automotive industry. People may quickly notice your automobile thanks to this idea in any situation.

Step 3. Gather The Components

Purchase the required components. Depending on the kind of light projector you’re using, you’ll need to buy different projector bulbs, connections, and cabling.

Step 4. Unplug The Headlight

The headlight plug should be removed. After that, swap it out for the LED projector door light and plug it in. To put it back in place, firmly press.

Step 5. Wiring

After putting the pieces together, remove any trim surrounding the area where the lights will be installed and any current overhead console or overhead lighting attached with screws. Then, wire nuts, push clips, or solder connectors attach each bulb to its corresponding connector. The new light must be connected to the wiring. Make careful to properly connect the positive and negative wires since there should be two. 

If your light projectors are put on different sides of your car’s windscreen, repeat this procedure for both of them.

Step 6. Secure The Lights

Attach the projectors to their mounts. Place the mounts onto the window trim and secure them with screws if they are to be positioned in front of your windscreen. Test lighting effects and let the world see your taste

Why Install Car Projector Lights On The Door?

Typically, projectors are mounted on the rear of the automobile door. This position enables you to display your information in any situation and to give your automobiles a distinctive look. Over the past few years, mounting automotive projector lights on doors have increased in popularity. 

In the past, drivers would flash their automobile lights to alert other drivers of their presence or to indicate that they were braking or accelerating. Car lights, however, are now much more than just a safety feature. 

The use of a car door light projector has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include heightened security, enhanced visibility, and increased practicality. Cons include the requirement for batteries or charging and the possibility of distraction. But the pros are more than cons, so you’d better incline towards installing the new door lights.

Many automobile owners have projector lights installed to display different graphics on their car doors. By installing projector lights, you may personalize both your interior and outside. You may use your car’s headlights to project images of your favorite sports team or even a photo of your dog onto the side of the vehicle. 

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How To Get The Best Car Projector Lights Experience?

Usually, the standard car door projector lights will not give you the best sharpness and results as a customized one. There are a few considerations to consider while selecting custom automobile projector lights. For starters, the appropriate lighting will adjust to the interior and character of your automobile. 

To fine-tune the brightness to your preferences, you’ll need to choose a projector with adjustable lighting settings. Additionally, you should think about the projector’s type of bulb. You will have to purchase these extra components before installing the light, so you may only use your time and break your heart if the lights are as expected.

The most incredible custom automobile projector lights will employ LED bulbs to generate brighter pictures than standard incandescent bulbs. However, you may also go for more conventional projector lights that use halogen or HID bulbs if you don’t want additional light glaring into your passengers’ faces while driving at night.

Consider choosing bold, attention-grabbing elements like vivid neon hues or intense flashing modes. Pick softer pastels or nuanced tones if subtlety is more your thing. Whatever style you choose, remember to account for the size of your headlights and headlight housings so that your new projectors will fit appropriately and look fantastic while doing their function! 

Now your style will rule the roads with its elegance and clarity. Finally, it is time when you may pick up and drop off your friends while demonstrating to them the benefits of the vehicle projector door light.

Do Car Door Projector Lights Provide Security?

  • Car door projector lights make it easy to find your car no matter where you are; hence, you will save millions of people on the road by avoiding accidental situations.
  • It sometimes causes trouble finding your car in a parking lot, so car door lights will make your unique car stand out of the bunch.
  • If your friends have got your keys and decided to take out your car without permission, you can easily find your car passing by.
  • The driver can utilize this light to spot possible obstacles coming out of the vehicle.
  • The illuminating projector lights of the car can keep the intruders away from thinking that someone is in the car.
  • Protective lighting provides better visibility for security tasks, including video surveillance and guard responsibilities, and greater visibility for risky situations.

How To Choose The Best Car Door Projector Light?

The following spotlight is one example. This projector light follows your car as you drive by using a tiny, narrow spotlight. Turning or changing lanes may be instrumental since they cast a bright virtual “line” in front of your automobile that you can easily follow. 

However, because of the narrow beam’s limited dispersion, they are not recommended for long rides in total darkness.

Full-car lights are another kind. These projectors are ideal for long drives during total darkness since they provide a broad beam that illuminates the whole inside of your vehicle.

They are often more expensive than spotlights but more extensive and functional, allowing you to use them on both bikes and vehicles.

Microprojector lights are the last type of lighting. A milder version of the virtual line pattern employed by follow spotlights and full-car lights is projected by these small miniature lights, which may be installed within your headlights or taillights. 

You can also choose some of the projector lights from this list of the best bedroom projectors.

Bottom Line

There you have it, 6 steps on how to install car door projector lights. Installing the car door projector lights is a fun DIY task. But if you are new to wiring, you may need someone’s help. Customized car door projector lights are far better, sharper, and more elegant than non-customized ones. 

You may learn how to perform a range of jobs that you formerly thought were too hard or sophisticated with a little time and effort. This guide covered both methods of installing the projector. We’re excited to see your unique taste!

That’s all we got for you today. We’ll meet you with a new topic soon. Till Then, We Are Rank Projectors. Have a good day!

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